Is it possible you have lived before? Here are clues you might find in your present life.
by James Polakof, Ph.D.

past lives

The belief that our souls are reborn, or reincarnated, dates back over 3,000 years. Discussions of the subject can be found in the ancient traditions of India, Greece, and the Celtic Druids. It’s a tantalizing belief that we have lived before and may live again. But as a large body of evidence indicates, this is true…for what purpose?   But we’ll get to possible reasons shortly. First, what clues might arise to indicate we’ve had past lives?




It’s interesting to note that some believe child prodigies have developed certain skill sets in such a high degree in past lives that they become deeply ingrained in their persona. So when that soul reincarnates, the skills come along in the new body fully intact and a child prodigy is born.  For example, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart believed that he had been a musician in many past lives where he had developed his amazing technical skills.



Opinions about the purpose of reincarnation vary.  I happen to consider Michael Newton, Ph.D., a retired psychologist and master hypnotherapist, who for over a period of 40 years conducted a vast number of past life hypnosis sessions, to be a highly knowledgeable resource in this quest for understanding.  In his words, Dr. Newton’s findings indicate “the essential purpose of reincarnation is self-improvement. The effort of moving toward a greater goodness and a conjunction with the source that created us is the prime motivator of souls.”



The following is extracted from “Map of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon Explores the Mysteries of the Afterlife & The Truth About What Lies Beyond.“ Here is some of Dr. Alexander’s commentary: “Heaven is as vast, various and populated as earth is … in fact, infinitely more so. But in all this vast variety, there is not that sense of otherness that characterizes our world, where each thing is alone by itself and has nothing directly to do with the other things around it. Nothing is isolated in Heaven. Nothing is alienated. Nothing is disconnected. Everything is one.

I found myself as a speck of awareness on a butterfly wing, among pulsing swarms of millions of other butterflies. I witnessed stunning blue-black velvety skies filled with swooping orbs of golden light, angelic choirs leaving sparkling trails against the billowing clouds. Those choirs produced hymns and anthems far beyond anything I had ever encountered on earth. The sound was colossal: an echoing chant that seemed to soak me without making me wet.

All my senses had blended. Seeing and hearing were not separate functions. It was as if I could hear the grace and elegance of the airborne creatures, and see the spectacular music that burst out of them. Even before I began to wonder who or what they were, I understood that they made the music because they could not contain it. It was the sound of sheer joy. They could no more hold it in than you could fill your lungs and never breathe out.

Above the sky, there was a vast array of larger universes that I came to call an ‘over-sphere’, and I ascended until I reached the Core, that deepest sanctuary of the Divine — infinite inky blackness, filled to overflowing with indescribable, unconditional love.

There I encountered the infinitely powerful, all-knowing deity whom I later called Om, because of the sound that vibrated through that realm. I learned lessons there of a depth and beauty entirely beyond my capacity to explain.”

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