The Shack – “Afterlife” Cleverly Constructed

It is little wonder “The Shack” is at the top of the New York Times list of best-selling books – and the movie is hugely popular. The author is quite clever in constructing a heart-tugging story that appeals to those of Christian faith, but utilizes this platform to explore a realm of Afterlife which extends well beyond the boundaries of religious teachings.

 While locking in the faithful with Trinity ideology, Wm Paul Young subtly conveys that all races and religious beliefs are embraced by God. And, his portrayal that Afterlife is far more than souls floating around heaven in ecstasy, but rather spiritual beings interacting with each other in honesty and pure love as they engage in worldly activities is a refreshing perspective.

It is this advanced portrait of Afterlife I have found during my extensive research of patients who underwent clinical hypnotherapy and related their experiences with friends and family members in the hereafter. Repeatedly, their memories of life after death entail the pursuit of activities enjoyed on earth and interactions with other souls which embody both joy and humor.

In the second section of my new novel, “Rebirth of Erin O’Brien,” I have endeavored to portray not only the environment of Afterlife, but also activities and a ‘learning’ phase related by men and women during their uninhibited state of hypnosis. While some staunch Christians may object to my storytelling beyond biblical boundaries, “The Shack” serves to subtly support the quest for truth about what we can expect after death. In addition, it reinforces the theory embedded in my novel that God, (“The Source”), loves all human beings, good or bad, and there is no reprisal in Afterlife such as hell.

I wholeheartedly support the enlightened work of Mr. Young and recommend “The Shack” as good reading material which expands the horizons of spirituality.