Do I Believe What I Wrote in My Novel – “Rebirth of Erin O’Brien”?

I have never been able to fully buy-in to traditional Catholicism and Christian beliefs.  I kept thinking there is more to “afterlife” than a soul either burning in hell, or floating around heaven in bliss.  I’ve never really bought into claims “hell” exists, and simply basking eternally in the warmth of God seemed boring.  So I started to look into other options and read a book by psychologist Michael Newton, entitled “Journey of Souls.”  His credible background as a certified hypnotherapist, and published client interviews, opened my mind to the likelihood we all have lived past lives.  Having made so many regrettable mistakes in my life, I also favor the possibility that I may have an opportunity to return and do better the next time around.  To my way of thinking, constantly evolving as an improved being makes a great deal of sense in the eternal scheme of things.

As a result, I conducted about two years of research, mainly focusing upon actual case histories of people who credibly recalled their past lives under clinical hypnosis, and interviewed a few regression oriented certified hypnotherapists.  Additionally, I reviewed testimonies of individuals who have had near-death experiences, such as neurosurgeon, Eben Aleander, once an avid doubter, but after his NDE during a coma, wrote the compelling book, “Proof of Heaven.”

At first, I considered writing a nonfiction novel, but soon realized it was difficult to present an eventful life, leading to the multiple, compelling facets of Afterlife, and then transitioning to reincarnation in a dramatic fashion that would hold a reader’s attention.  Additionally, there are already many nonfiction books published on the subject matter and I enjoyed the opportunity offered through creative latitude.

So do I believe all this to be absolute and true? I can’t say for certain – but in my opinion, it makes a great deal of sense and I deeply hope this is what will happen with my life.