Suspenseful Thriller Ethereal Romance​

The Fascinating Story of Erin O’Brien’s

Life, Afterlife and Reincarnation

An Empowered Young Woman’s Challenging Search for Purpose and Her Eternal Soulmate

With exciting, imaginative storytelling, author James Polakof, draws from actual case histories to transcend our concepts of Heaven and the possibilities of being reborn into a new life.

Shattered by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Erin O’Brien struggles to survive and at the age of 17 becomes the victim of a horrific rape, almost dying from a subsequent abortion. She fights on, becoming a dime a dance hoofer, but then endowed with a magnificent voice and exquisite beauty, rises to nightclub stardom. Erin’s good fortune continues, discovering a past life soulmate and embraced by a sensuous, passionate romance. Unfortunately, her remarkable love affair and career are cut short by jealous suitor.


Erin discovers that afterlife is far more than the traditional vision of Heaven and she experiences unexpected euphoria and unique interaction with other souls. Here she learns the true meaning of life and actual purpose of reincarnation. Almost 60 earth years later she is reborn as Angelina Corelli and the most exciting chapter of her many lives begins.

" Death Cannot Keep Us Apart "

* Cover by Michelle Polakof

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Warning: While this novel is enveloped by a beautiful love story, due to sexual content, it is strictly appropriate for adult reading.

Extraordinary 5 Star Reviews!

"Really enjoyed this thought-provoking journey the author takes us on and …"

"Having lost family members early in life, I’ve always been interested in stories about afterlife. This book was fascinating, I resented any interruptions to my reading; yet, periodically, I purposely stopped, just to fully absorb the possibilities..."

By Lavender girl on February 4, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

"Loved this book!"

"Absolutely LOVED this book! From the very first pages I was hooked and fell in love with Erin and her incredible journey. I couldn’t wait each night to put my daughter to bed and curl up with this story."

By Amazon Customer on January 25, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

"Go on a journey though life, death, afterlife and rebirth."

"The cover is what first caught my eye, but its better than just the cover, It was a great read. I didn’t want to put it down. I have always believed in the idea of past lives and this book really took me on the journey as if I were Erin."

By Amazon Customer on January 28, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

The "Rebirth of Erin O'Brien" Transcends other Novels in this Genre

“With vivid realism, the author transcends previous popular best-selling novels such as "The Shack", "Outlander," "The Five People You Meet in Heaven", "Cloud Atlas", "Proof of Heaven," "Life After Life" and "Heaven Is For Real" - to present Afterlife and the reality of Past Lives in far greater depth than ever before imagined.”


James Polakof, Ph.D.

Combining exciting, imaginative storytelling with a plethora of scientific research, James Polakof transcends our concepts of Heaven and the possibilities of being Reborn into a new life. In addition to becoming spellbound by a fascinating story, readers will discover exciting cerebral, emotional and spiritual stimulation.